Serving the Needs of the Local Community

What’s on


Water Aid Coffee Morning (weekly) 10-12 (oak)

Community Cafe (2nd & 4th Mon of Month) 10-12.(P)

B.L.E.S.M.A (monthly) 10-12.30pm (P)

Sing & sign (term time) 10-12pm (M)

Dementia Drop In (1st&3rd Mon) 10 -12 (L)

Embrace Support grp(weekly)12.30-3pm (L)

Kurling Club(1st&3rd Mon) 2-3.30pm(P)

Totton & Waterside Club for the Blind (monthly) 2-4pm (P)

Singing Afternoons 2-4pm Check dates in Centre

 Jo Hyne Dance school 4.15-8pm (L)

Clubbersize 6.10-7.10(weekly) (P)

Family Martial Arts 7.30-9 (weekly)(P)

Pole fitness 8.15-9.15 (weekly)(P)

Gardening Club (Monthly) (M) 7:30-9:30pm


Weight Watchers (weekly) 9-11am (L)

Age Concern Lunch Club (weekly) 11.30am (P)

Seated exercise class (weekly) 2pm (P)

Jo Hyne Dance School (weekly) 3.45-9pm (L)

Yoga Bellies 7.30 -9.00 pm(M)

 Wine Circle (monthly) 7-10pm (M)

Oddfellows (monthly) 7-10pm (P)


Baby Clinic 9.30-11 (P)

 Action Club (weekly)2 classes 9.30-11.45am(L)

Ann's Yoga (weekly) 12.00-1.00pm (L)

Lace Making (term time) 9.30-12.15pm(M)

Stroke Association (weekly) 1.30-3.30pm (P/L/M)

Jo Hyne Dance School (Weekly) 4.00-9pm (L)

Oddfellows (monthly) 7.00-10.00pm (P)


Community Drop-in 10-12am (last Thurs month)
Seated and standing class 10.00-11.30 am (L)

Community Drop-in 10:00-12:00 (Monthly) (m)

               Testwood Quilters (weekly) 2-4pm (P)

Youlton Dance School (weekly) 6.30pm (P)

Jo Hyne Dance School (weekly)  4-9:15pm (L)

Men’s Shed Meeting 7-8:30pm (last Thurs month)

Fit4Life (weekly) 11.15-1.15(L)

Minstead Training Trust (weekly)12.30-3.30 (O)

Totton Widows  (bi monthly) 2-4pm (P/L)

Testvale Squares   7.00-10.00 pm (P)


Jo Hyne Dance School 9.30am-1.45pm(L)


Westside Church 9.30-12.30pm (P/L)

Christadelphians 2.30-6.30pm (M)

1st Sunday in the month (plus extra sales in June, July & August)

 Car Boot in The Memorial Car Park, Totton

 10am – 1pm £4.00 all sellers.


If you wish to hire any of the rooms in the Community Centre, please contact us or call in to view the rooms.

The Palm room can hold up to 100 people and cost £18.00 p/h

The Lilac room holds up to 40 people and costs £10.00ph

The Maple room holds 20 and costs £9.00ph

The Oak Room holds approx 10 and costs £8.00ph

All these rooms have access to a kitchen and tables and chairs.

Special rates for charitable groups.

What’s On

Key: (P) = Palm room

        (L) = Lilac room

          (M) = Maple room

            (O) = Oak Room